PFNA – II Instrument Set


Cat No. IS.107PFNA – II Instrument SetUnits
714.602PFNA Jig – 130°1
714.604Attachment for PFNA blade1
714.606Distal Hole Attachment1
714.608Locking Attachment knob for Distal Zig1
714.610Extraction Device For PFNA Blade1
714.612Extraction Device For PFNA Nail1
714.6148mm Ball Hex Screw Driver with T Handle1
714.616Key for PFNA blade1
714.620Threaded Protection Sleeve for PFNA 10mm Reamer & PFNA blade1
714.622Conical Bolt for PFNA1
714.624Guide Wire sleeve for 2.5mm x 850mm Long Wire1
714.626Threaded Screw Driver for PFNA blade1
714.628Guide Wire with Trocar Tip Dia. 3.0mm x 428mm Long2
714.630Protection Sleeve For Proximal Entry Reamer 16mm1
XP.714.632PFNA Reamer 11mm – Length 380mm1
714.634Hammer Guide1
714.636Impacting Device for Hammer1
714.638Cannulated T-Handle For Medullary Canal1
714.520Trocar With T – Handle 11.0mm Dia1
714.535Protection Sleeve For 4.9mm Locking Bolt1
261.641Drill Bit Plain Shank 4.0mm X 300mm Long1
714.540Drill Sleeve For 4.0 mm Drill Bit1
714.545Depth Gauge For PFNA1
XP.714.580Proximal Step Reamer 11mm For PFNA Blade1
301.051Extra Long Screw Driver 3.5mm Tip1
303.070Depth Gauge with 150mm Long Sleeve1
723.039Reaming Rod Plain 2.5mm X 850mm Length1
710.005Plastic Medullary Tube1
XP.714.560Proximal Entry Reamer 16.0mm For PFNA1
723.021Cannulated Awl for Femur I.L. Nails1
714.575Guide Wire Sleeve For PFNA Blade Dia – 3.0mm1
714.072T-Handle Quick Coupling1
713.008Detachable Slide Hammer 400 gms.1
368.010Bone Hammer 200gms1
714.639Inserter for PFNA Cephalic Screw1
714.073Tomy Bar1
400.092Graphic Aluminum Box With Three Tray For PFNA Instruments Sets1