Orthopedic Implants

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Our Orthopedic Implants product range

Tradition and technology

It's a pleasure to announce that renowned ‘Siora’ trauma implants, being used in both Indian and international market will soon be available in Indonesia as well. We have been manufacturing innovative, sustainable and affordable orthopedic implants for the global market. Company is fast emerging as one of the reliable suppliers of trauma implants using modern technology combined with robust quality assurance systems.

Products Quality
Quality is the hall mark of our Orthopedic & Trauma Implants range, thus making it the choice of so many medical professionals. Our Quality Assurance system incorporating standard procedures, validation protocols & continuous monitoring complies to International Standards.We hold compliance certificates including ISO 13485 Certificate, Indian FDA Licence based on WHO-GMP compliance for comprehensive range of trauma implants.
Orthopedic Brand history
Our company (Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd.) was founded in 1987 and is actively engaged in manufacturing and supplying orthopedic implants and instruments. Over the years, we have been supplying different implants including hip prosthesis, locking plates, small fragment implants, large fragment implants, cannulated screws, DHS/DCS screws, external fixators, tibial nails, femoral nails, small and large fragment locking compression plates, interlocking nails, mini fragment implants, spine implants and orthopedic instruments.

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